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Baby wear manufacturer

Welcome to the home page of Koliber Company - a manufacturer of newborn baby and children clothes. 

Our company was established in 1992r. Our knitewear clothes for babies are approved by meny customers in our country and abroad. We hope that the information putted here will be helpful for our contractors, their customers and for those who are interested in cooperation with us. 

If you decide to buy clothes for your babies and children, you pay big attention to high quality, interesting design and nice, bright colours. children clothes baby wear manufacturer

Since 1992 our company has been manufactured the best qualited goods made from knitewear for sensitive skin of children.

We use only high quality materials, and pay attention to observe all safety rules. From the beginning we have put pressure on products high quality, what causes trust to our company. 

Our long-term experience became a guarantee for safety co-operation with many partners in our country and abroad. 

In our offer we have jackets, dresses, track suits and blouses also for children also. In seasonal proposition you can see short collections of infant wear and summer fashion for older children - clothes from cotton knitewear.

We are flexible, our clothes design and patterns can be changed for our client request. Also the materials and colours might be chosen to meet our clients needs. We take a pride in guaranteeing the originality of our baby wear. Our designers prepare and enter models accordingly new trends of children fashion and customer suggestions.

We invite you to meet our offer. 

Please check our baby clothes collection here


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